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Boomer Facts

There are 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. born between 1946 and 1964. They are the healthiest, wealthiest, most educated, and prosperous generation.The U.S. changed from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy because of the boomer's love of higher education.

Boomers became mobile due to the Interstate Highway System enabling them to live, work and play—away from their hometown. Boomers embraced technology as they watched the number of television sets grow from 4 to 50 million from 1950 to 1960. Boomers have already surpassed their parents economically.

—The average income of Boomers is $71,300 with a net worth of $236,000.

—The top 20 percent of Boomers have a median net worth of $766,000.

—Boomers control 70% of the total net worth in the U.S.

—Boomers will spend an average of $7 billion online this year.

Boomers are Buying

  • 41% of all new cars
  • 60% of healthcare
  • 74% of prescription drugs
  • 51% of over the counter drugs
  • 80% of luxury vacations

Boomers are Online

  • 43% of online traffic is generated by Boomers.
  • 82% of adults aged 50+ using the internet research health and wellness online.
  • Among internet users 50+ who are members of online communities, 58% log in to their online community daily or several times a day.

—41% of Boomers will move upon retirement.

—1 in 7 Boomers are providing care to a parent or other family member.

—In 2005 boomers spent $35 billion on their grandchildren.

—Adults 55 + account for one-third of all trips in the U.S.

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