Author and Executive Coach Colleen Aylward's Fortune Magazine Article and Book

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If you are looking for a job over the age of 50 (Baby Boomer) today, its most likely means you are an executive, accomplished and responsible. As Colleen Aylward shares in her book, "From Bedlam to Boardroom" she helps the derailed executive get their career back on track. Colleen's vision to drag talented management into the 21st Century technology has positioned here as the go-to resource for her candidates and employers alike. In her book, she shared today's reality, perceptions, map your strengths and may be most important -  the strategy of Linkedin. 

Ms. Aylward is interviewed and contributed to the Fortune Magazine article: 

Purchase executive book, "Bedlam to Boardroom" here:

I recently learned through several conversations that Microsoft receives 3000 resumes per month and that 100 applicants are vying for one executive opening, hopefully you get to Ms Aylard's book before they do! 

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