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Baby Boomers Cruises, Leisure, Travel and Smart Phones Facts

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If you are targeting Baby Boomers (ages 48 - 66) with your products or services, here are a few important stats and facts. 

Baby Boomers Facts to Note:

Go on Cruises - 47% over the Age 50

Go to Art & History Museums - 65% are over Age 50

Hold 70% of the U.S. Wealth - over the Age 45

Own Smart Phones - 33% over the age 55

Buy 3 out of 5 New Cars - over the age 45

80% of Luxury Travel - Purchased by over age 45

Sources: Neilsen, AARP, Pew Research
Baby Boomers (ages 48 - 66) will be known for aging gracefully, exercising, taking care of themselves, being active, enjoying rock and roll, wine, golf, yoga, enjoying travel, friends and entertaining. And they will. There is more information online to research these areas then ever. Our firm, Navigate Boomer Media works with 143 baby boomer sites alone placing ads, content and sponsorships to engage this healthy, wealthy demographic. Boomers are an economic force to be reckoned with holding over 70% of the U.S. wealth, and they spend the most time and money on line each month. Resourceful group. 

The Aging in America conference in Washington D.C. included Chief Medical Officer of United Health Care, Ken Dychtwald, president and CEO AgeWave, Author Gail Sheehy, Arianna Huffington of the AOl Huffington Post Media Group. Mr. Dychtwald shared a new model of life emerging for the boomers, longevity, late bloomers, hitting their stride. 

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