Over 50? Using Smart Phone to Date, Social Network and to Bank?

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Facebook one of the most well known social networking sites is often a top choice for the baby boomer generation to visit during their free time. 

According to Huffingtonpost between 2010 and 2011, there was a 109 percent increase in people 55+ who visited a social networking site from a mobile service. In addition, one-quarter of smart phone users are 55 or older. Posts 50s are also the fastest growing group of online daters. Many of the baby boomers are quickly adapting and learning how to use technology in order to maintain their interactions with others in current society. 

Facebook is a growing; there is an increase of baby boomers signing up to have an account on this social networking site. With more baby boomers entering retirement age, technology will definitely be a popular tool used for discussing and research on leisurely activities.

More Facts and Stats on Baby Boomers and Technology in Midlife: 


by Jonathan Li

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