Baby Boomers Dominate Hollywood, Largest Consumer of Technology, Travel Spending and Political Donations

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Whenever subjects regarding consumerism marketing or business are involved, Baby Boomers are usually discussed as a growing dominant population. Many people acknowledge that the Baby Boomers (people born between the years 1946-1964) are growing and becoming America's largest consumer of technology and leisure spending such as travelling. Despite the various implications in the marketing and business field, Boomers are also being represented in various fields.

The movie industry is a field with lots of well known figures. The United States have Hollywood which produces many movies every year. Hollywood tends to celebrate youth, such as portraying youthfulness, toned body shapes and such, as something of desirable trait that gains attention from the public and the opposite gender. Despite the favored attention placed towards younger actors. The Golden Globe nominations announced during the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards were dominated by Baby Boomers. This can be an implication of a new era for older actors in film and television.

Despite Hollywood's favoritism towards youthfulness, the population aging of society and increase of Baby Boomers are having an impact in the movie industry. "In the recent Golden Globe nomination four of the five best actress nominees are in the boomer demographic. While George Clooney was the only 50 year old in the best actor category, four of the five best supporting actors are in the 50+d demographics" (  Although it may still be a small number, one can observe that there will most likely be more Baby Boomers being nominated in the future. The actors and actress reaching Baby Boomer age will most likely have a better time connecting with other Baby Boomers especially when asking for assistance donating funds for their causes or political campaigns.

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