Boomers and Seniors are Online in Record Numbers

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From New Site Reach 50 Plus:

A couple of trends are changing that way businesses and organizations connect with the best consumers - boomers and seniors.

Boomer and seniors are going online in record numbers. Search and email are their dominant activities but they are also the fastest growing demographic group in social media. It's not uncommon these days to see an older boomer multi-tasking via smartphone and tablet. Consuming video online, staying connected, and shopping armed with online reviews are no longer activities reserved for the young.

Second, a number of factors are converging. The age wave is no longer coming - it's here. Next, the Internet is becoming more pervasive as it extends to mobile devices and takes in a much greater share of all adverting purchased each year. Finally, re-alignment and turbulence in the economy have made every dollar invested and earned count that much more. These factors are combining to make the 50-plus consumer more important than ever.

Reach 50 Plus and David Weigelt's Welcome Video:

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