Baby Boomers are Online and Click More then Gen Y

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Boomers are healthy, wealthy, and online. While generation Y, also known as the millenniums are thought to be the most media savvy, many Boomers spend more time of the web than their children and grandchildren. Many brands are targeting this lucrative audience online because they spend 15 hours per week online, more time than teenagers. 

  • Not only boomers spend more time online, they are also more likely to interact with online ads and click on them.                   
  • 76% of respondents age 55+ had clicked on online ads during the preceding six months, compared to just 58% of 15-24 year-olds. (AARP Survey)
  • Younger demographics have been shown to be more cynical about advertising, boomers seem to use the internet as a way to gather information for a future purchase

Here are reasons why marketers are targeting boomers:

• 98% more likely to have an investment portfolio $100,000+
• 80% more likely to own a vacation home
• 60% more likely to have a valid passport
• 57% more likely to have a master's/higher degree
• 54% more likely to be an influential
• 42% higher median household net worth

Sources: AARP, US Census; GfK MRI Fall 2010 AARP 

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