Baby Boomers are the Most Powerful Consumers in the Marketplace

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Baby boomers are now considered the most powerful consumers in the marketplace. That's a big turnaround because for years, marketing efforts focused on young adults. 
Not Old Yet, Boomers Take Marketplace by Storm - 

David Weigelt, author of the book, Dot Boom: Marketing to Baby Boomers through Meaningful Online Engagement, said that boomers are the fastest growing groups on social media.
"Eighty percent of boomers are now using some form of a smart phone, and we just think that's going to be huge in terms of how marketers reach and engage these consumers," he explained

"I have everything," Salzman, 56 told CBN News. "I have an iPhone. I have an iPad, and I have an iPod. And the reason for that is I love it. I love gadgets."

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